Woolly Fur


Woolly Fur is a special product I create by blending YOUR pets fur with wool and spinning it into yarn! All yarn is hand carded and handspun by me! This keepsake yarn is sentimental and can be made into many different things to cherish your special friend!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much fur do I need to save?

As little or as much as you’d like! Woolly Fur yarn comes in approximately 50 gram hanks of yarn that is a blend of 50% wool and 50% your pets fur, that means it only takes 25g of pet fur to make one hank of yarn! How much is that? A quart sized bag full is plenty!

How much yarn do I need to make something?

One hank of yarn is enough for a small keepsake item like a knit or crocheted heart ornament or a small pair of fingerless mitts. Two hanks is enough to make a beanie, small purse, or pillow.

How much does it cost?

There is a flat fee of $6 per 50 grams for blending services (this can be waived if you provide your own wool for blending), plus $0.30 a yard for a 2-ply yarn. How many yards in a hank will depend on how thick the yarn is.

Price Chart For a 50 gram hank of 2-ply yarn (includes blending fee)

Yarn Weight Approximate Yardage Price
Bulky 80 $30.00
Worsted 100 $36.00
DK 130 $45.00
Sport 160 $54.00
Fingering 220 $72.00
Lace 275 $88.50

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