Mandobug Crafts Episodes

2018 The Year of Socks


2018 is going to be my year of socks! As a mother of two toddlers I find myself drawn to the monotony of stockinette in the round. Of course I’m working on more complex patterns though, follow the links below for more information!

Something I’ve Learned 0:37

Welford Purls Wool n’ Spinning Spinning from the fold- off the tip

Finished Objects 5:34

Penguin Soup Sakura

WIP’s 8:35

January Socks 2018 Box o’ Socks KAL

Design Time 15:08

March CAT Springtime Basket Cat Tank Cat Tails Yarn

Current Events 20:23

AmbieKraftsReads FLC Craftathon 2018 (My Thread) FLC Craftathon 2018 (Amber’s Thread)

Happy Mail 23:22


Let’s Chat 26:15

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