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Episode 95 | Knowledge Quest

Something I’ve Learned 0:35

My Etsy Shop

Tunisian Knit

Tunisian Purl

Tunisian Twisted Knit

Tunisian Twisted Purl

Loom Ewrap Stitch

Finished Objects 12:35

Snow Leopard Tutorial

Works In Progress 13:40

Opposing 3ply Socks

Turkish Cast On

Sock Knitting Master Class

Design Time 18:24

I’ll Pack A Kimono

Cat Tank Top

Toe Head Hat

Stripes 3 Ways Cowl

Happy Mail 30:40

Agnes Pattern

Vermont Dyeworks

Elves Box

Current Events 37:01

FLC 2018 Craftathon

Oh Yes! Cowl

Springtime Basket

Let’s Chat 41:28


Sew Expo

Hape Kid’s Loom

Mandobug Crafts Episodes

Episode 94 | Mental Chaos

Something I’ve Learned 0:45

Crochet Short Rows The Crocheter’s Skill Building Workshop

Finished Objects 6:40

February Socks

Box o’ Socks KAL

Clay Charms Etsy Shop Update  2/19 8am *First 10 orders get a free progress keeper!

Works In Progress 12:50

Cottage Dyeworks Spin

Maxfield Cardigan

Design Time 21:25

Halloween Bag from TheKateStitch Striped Cowl

Current Events 25:12

FLC 2018 Craftathon

Cat Tails Yarn

Making UV Resin Buttons

Oh Yes! Cowl CAL

Upcoming Events 30:23

March CAT Springtime Basket


Stitches West

Let’s Chat 33:10


Free Patterns

Oh Yes! Cowl

Oh Yes! Cowl (1)


Hikoo® Oh! 191 yds (175m) / 100g (3.53oz) shown in color 146 My (151 Baby)


135 (170) yds 


US J (6.0 mm). Adjust hook size as necessary to obtain gauge


Single (Doubled)


22.5 (46”)


7.5” (4.25”)


12 stitches, 8 rows = 4” in sc before blocking


  • Ch-1 does not count as a stitch at the beginning of the round
  • A standing dc is used at the beginning of the round but may be replaced with the traditional ch-3
  • The body stitch pattern is a multiple of 10
  • You can find links to stitch tutorials in the abbreviations section.


ch chain

dc double crochet

fsc foundation single crochet

ldc linked double crochet

puff st puff stitch

sc single crochet

sk skip

sl st slip stitch

sp space

standing dc standing double crochet

st stitch


Beginning Border

Rnd 1: 60 (120) fsc, sl st to first sc to join to work in the round. 60 (120)

Rnd 2-3: ch-1, sc in same st and each st around. (60, (120))


Rnd 1: standing dc, 4ldc, ch-2, sk 2sc, (puff st, ch-2, puff st) in next sc, ch-2, sk 2sc, *dc, 4ldc, ch-2, sk 2 sc, (puff st, ch-2, puff st) in next sc, ch-2, repeat from * around, sl st to standing dc to join. (6 (12) puff stitch clusters)

Rnd 2: standing dc, 4ldc, ch-2, sk ch-2 sp, (puff st, ch-2, puff st) in next ch-2 sp, ch-2, sk ch-2 sp, *dc, 4ldc, ch-2, sk ch-2 sp,  (puff st, ch-2, puff st) in next ch-2 sp, ch-2 repeat from * around, sl st to standing dc to join. (6 (12) puff stitch clusters)

Repeat round 2 of the body for 4 (10) more rnds.

Ending Border

Rnd 1: ch1, work one sc in each ldc, 2 sc in ch-2 sp before first puff stitch, sk puff st, 1 sc in ch-2 space between puff stitches, sk puff stitch, 2 sc in ch-2 space after second puff stitch around. (60 (120))

Rnd 2-3: ch-1, sc in same st and each st around. (60, (120))


Cut yarn. Weave in ends. Block.

Social Media

Share your finished cowl on Instagram using #ohyescowl and #mandobugcrafts  

You can also share your finished cowl on the Mandobug Crafts FB page or Ravelry Group! I’m hosting a crochet along in the Ravelry Group until March 15th!
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Mandobug Crafts Episodes

Episode 92 | Design Bug

This week I’ve got the design bug thanks to some inspiration from Tim Burton! (Psst. That cowl I’m wearing is a new design coming soon 😱)

Something I’ve Learned 0:56
Translucent Liquid Sculpey 
Sculpey III
Sculpey Premo

Works In Progress 9:42
Border Collie and Sheep Chart Hat
February Socks
Design Time 15:46
Oh Yes! Cowl Design using HiKoo Oh!

Check It Out! 20:18
The Spinners Book of Yarn Designs 

Current Events 22:43

FLC Craftathon 2018 (My Thread)

FLC Craftathon 2018 (Amber’s Thread)

Let’s Chat 24:35
The Art of Tim Burton